# What is Daisy?

Daisy is a tool to aggregate and control notifications in one place. I aim to provide a variety of interfaces to view and interact with notifications.

In order of planned development:

These will all interact with Daisy through 0MQ sockets.

# Daisy core & architecture

Daisy will first exist as a userspace tool and then later a daemon launched upon user login.

Daisy will continue to run in the background and will receive notification information over 0MQ sockets. It will maintain a list of received notifications and provide the user with the option to mark a notification as read.

# Security

# Website



# Purpose


# Development

# Build 1

Information will be formatted like this: “message\n”

Which 0MQ pattern should be used for this? The PUSH-PULL pattern seems suitable. Maybe 0MQ is not the right choice for this at all? Multiple PUB - 1 SUB does not seem possible.

Finished 2014-09-09

# Build 2

TODO: Learn how to use pthreads. Basic thread control - done 2014-09-16 mutexes - done 2014-09-17 Write a basic control loop using line-by-line input - done 2014-09-17

The main loop for daisy. Handles interrupts so the program can quit and clean up.

Finished 2014-09-17

# Build 2.2


# Build 3